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Today, Dr. Mikell (my Emory radiation oncologist) informed me that the results of the MGMT gene methylation analysis of my tumor came in. I intended to provide some explanation of the MGMT gene and methylation but it’s way too complicated to bother. The important thing to know is that the medical community has accepted that the MGMT promoter methylation status in tumor tissues can be used as a predictor of “survival advantage” when using temozolomide (chemo) with radiation, which is exactly our treatment plan.

My results are unmethylated.

Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) patients with an unmethylated MGMT gene promoter are generally considered to have a poorer prognosis when undergoing standard treatment.1

Despite this disappointing news, Dr. Mikell stressed that this is just one factor and we should not let it discourage us. We still have the advantage of vigor.

Still it begs the question, if we expect temozolomide to be minimally effective for me, isn’t there something more promising we can do? That’s why I am participating in the clinical trial at Rush but that’s a big gamble as well.

Extra efforts

Eastern medicine

I spoke with a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine today too. She recommends acupuncture and meditation during my treatment to keep my system balanced and harmonized. I’m going to try to evict all traces of this cancer from my body through sheer intention.

Living foods

wheat grassI intend on using nutrition to stay healthy — eating lots of living foods (e.g., sprouts) and enzymes. I’ll be juicing and fermenting. I sprouted a bunch of winter wheat berries a couple days ago. They are now planted and wheat grass is beginning to grow. In about a week I’ll have about $40 worth of wheat grass that only cost me about 50 cents.


I have a lot of friends and family who tell me they pray for me. While I still consider myself agnostic, possibly even atheist, I am very grateful to have people in my corner that are willing to devote the time and energy to my healing. I hope my lack of faith doesn’t discourage any one. I believe positive intention and good vibes are legitimate forces of healing.


There is a sea of information out there to sort through. Turmeric, hemp oil, vitamin K —  doctors won’t acknowledge that these things have any value in fighting cancer but there are some strong testimonials and evidence online that say they do. It’s a daunting task trying to figure all this out.