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January MRI

We learned yesterday that the tumor has grown and is currently about 8 x 5 x 6 cm. I have been feeling pressure in my head and taking steroids to combat the swelling and pain.

One opinion is that we did an MRI too soon. We didn’t give the chemo treatment long enough to show effects. We should have just done a CT scan now to check on bleeding, but other opinions said to go ahead and get the MRI done, which is kind of what I wanted to just go ahead and do.

We are in discussion with my local oncologist, Duke oncology and the NIH to determine the new course of treatment. It’s time to get aggressive again.
While the news was not good, I’m still hopeful and positive that we’re going to reduce this tumor and come out fine. I still feel well and remain mostly asymptomatic. I have a small blindspot that will probably keep me from driving for a while.

Detailed MRI Findings: Again seen is a heterogeneous T2 hyperintense intra-axial mass in the right frontal, parietal mid convexity extending intrinsic high T1 signal. The mass is increased in size from the prior study, currently measuring 4.8 x 8.8 x 6.6 cm. This is increased 3.1 x 6.4 x 5 cm. There is heterogeneous enhancement in the mass following contrast administration. There is increased mass effect as well with a 6.5 mm of right to left subfalcine shift. Previously, there was no midline shift. There is no significant surrounding vasogenic edema. No new area of abnormal fluid collection. Ventricular size remains within normal limits. The cervicomedullary junction is normally positioned. Pituitary gland volume is within nomal limits.

The topic of palliative care keeps coming up.