Week 6 – Nearing a Milestone

I am in my final week of irradiation and chemotherapy. My last treatment is on Halloween. Then we head to Chicago to start the next part of the journey. I still feel good. Medically, there is nothing interesting or new to report. I have some hair loss, minor fatigue, minimal weight loss and weakness in my knees, probably from deconditioning.

Change of Plans

I was a little premature announcing that we would be working with Angel Flight for travel to Chicago. Volunteer pilots flying small planes have restrictions and complexities that prevent it from being a viable option for us. Too many pieces would have to fall into place for each leg of the trip.

They did suggest another option for us – Corporate Angel Network (CAN). CAN is an organization that helps arrange transport via corporations who use larger, private jets. Atlanta to Chicago is a pretty common route for companies to make business trips so we have pretty good chances of being able to tag along from time to time. It should save a little money and help avoid exposure to a cabin full of germ-carriers. We’ll see what happens.

Thank you

Friends and family continue to reach out to me for all kinds of support. I appreciate it.

The Photo

The photo for this post is of me lying with my head on my cat, Mila. It looks like my radiation has lit up her eyes.


One response to “Week 6 – Nearing a Milestone”

  1. Cindi Gatton says :

    Shouldn’t it be *your* eyes that are glowing ;)?


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