A Long Haul Ahead

This week’s visit to Chicago was uneventful. I got the vaccine and we discussed transferring my case to UAB. I will only have one more trip to Chicago at the end of December. Thank goodness. Although spending some time in Chicago has had it’s up-sides, it is a lot of trouble and expense, even with the help of my support network connections.1

Now that I’m nearing the end of the trial’s “maintenance phase,” I’ve turned my attention to understanding the “extended maintenance phase.” It looks like I’ll have to travel to Birmingham once a month for the next two years. I’ll also begin taking temozolomide (a chemotherapy drug) again — at twice the dosage as before.


I’m conflicted about getting on chemo again. It’s known to decrease blood cells and other possible side effects. Doubling the dose and taking it for another year could hurt me more than it helps. There’s no way of knowing if it’s really helping. The more research and reading2 I do, the more complicated decision-making becomes. I may continue this line of thought later. Writing out my thoughts helps me weed through my options.


I’ve begun taking a supplement — yellow root. Berberine is the major alkaloid in yellow root and there are lots of studies that say it is beneficial for fighting my cancer. More on this topic later.


The photo on this post is of me as the human porcupine, compliments of Lisa White, my acupuncturist.

1 Sincere thanks to:

  • Bruce, Diane and David for transport to and from the airport.
  • Carol for the corporate apartment connection.
  • Will for the AirTran buddy passes

2 Reading material:

  • Love, Medicine & Miracles, Dr. Bernie Siegel — a surgeon’s experience and perspectives on the importance of love and mind-set to the recovery process. Also the importance of having the right doctor.

4 responses to “A Long Haul Ahead”

  1. Rob Marbury says :

    Ken, isn’t it amazing how complicated health issues can become when we start searching the internet? It’s almost like statistics — you can find any opinion you want to find if you look long enough. I am praying for clarity of mind for you, and that the confusion and chaos would go away and you would get a true sense of which is the right course for you. Hope you are feeling better and that you will enjoy the upcoming holidays to the fullest.
    –Rob, Cindi and the Group!

  2. Cindi says :

    Couldn’t remember if you had Bernie Siegel’s book, so I dropped my copy in your mailbox.

  3. Andrew Clackum says :

    Good JuJu going your way,Bro!

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