Second Infusion

I’m writing this update from the doctor’s office, while undergoing my second infusion of chemo.

About nine days into my first round of chemo, two weeks ago, I began having some lower abdominal pain. Pain and discomfort steadily increased over the next several days. I barely got any sleep the past three nights because of the pain and getting up frequently to use the toilet (or at least TRY to). I thought it may have been an expected side effect — constipation. But this morning at my doctor’s appointment, a urine sample revealed I have a urinary infection. That should be easily cleared up with antibiotics.

So all in all, so far, so good. Unfortunately I won’t get an MRI until six weeks from now, which is to say, we have to wait to know whether the chemo is effective or not.


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6 responses to “Second Infusion”

  1. Whitney says :

    Keep fighting!

  2. Linzy says :

    Thanks for the up date! You look good by the way. I am not firting, please tell you wife I am not flirting:)

  3. Kitty says :

    UTIs are AWFUL! I’ve had mixed advice re: what’s best to drink. 1.Lots of water? Takes all the sodium and electrolytes out of my system. 2. Guzzle loads of cranberry juice? Filled with sugar and additives. Also makes me thirsty! So what works for me? Power or Gator. Balances sodium and ph. This is a Catch 22 topic. You look great!

  4. Diane Moore says :

    Ken, is that your hair growing back? Wow, that’s fast. Can’t wait to see the next new do. Diane

  5. Mark Knockemus says :


    I got your e-mail yesterday, and it knocked my breath out. I am so sorry that this has happened to you and sorry that it is because of your cancer that we’ve reconnected.

    I sent you an e-mail with some snaps – hope they bring you some joy!

    Stay strong and heal!
    – Mark

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