Infusion #3 and Kebostock Review

Medical Update

My third infusion of Avastin and Irinotecan went well. I felt lousy for a couple days but seem to be back to normal now.

Benefit Events Update

The two-day benefit, Kebostock, was a success — good weather; nice turnout; great music. At the end of the day, it hit me. I realized the immense effort, love and generosity put forth by organizers, sponsors, family, friends and the community. All in all, we estimate about 300 people showed up. I wish I could have spent more time visiting with everyone. Thank you!

The rest of this post is just personal or fun stuff — no relevant medical information.

What’s the story behind Ken’s goofy outfit on Saturday?

A family friend graciously let Tina and I stay at their lake house. The morning of the event was so lovely that we decided to eat breakfast outside. We inadvertently locked ourselves out of the house. We had no keys and no phone — and no clothes really. We had no choice other than knocking on a neighbor’s door and explaining our situation. The neighbor turned out to be a member of the band Drop (, an Atlanta-based funky, psychedelic, improvisational jam band (think Grateful Dead). He extended every hospitality to us, clothed us in brightly colored hippy shirts and drove us to the festival. He brought along his guitar and played a set of music along-side Albert. Thanks, Craig!

Did someone really get a Kebostock tattoo?

Not someone — two people did!

I thought they were crazy but Matt and Will got tattooed prominently on their chests. I’m blown away and honored at their gesture. The coolest thing is that the tattoo artist, another good friend of mine from the 1990’s allowed me to tattoo my signature on Matt. I had never touched a tattoo gun before! I got a 20 second lesson on tattooing and was let loose. It was a lot of fun.

What happened to the Kebostock banner?

Friday night at Back Forty, there was a nice big banner hanging. Why wasn’t it displayed on Saturday?

The banner may or may not have been “stolen.”

Suspects under investigation.

How did this event come to be?

I think credit for the idea belongs to my brother-in-law, Albert Simpson. He’s a musician who has played at other benefit events. He had the connections and know-how to get it done. When he recruited my mother, Cheryle Maudsley, to help, there was no stopping the event from becoming a success.

What will the donated money be used for?

To live!


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One response to “Infusion #3 and Kebostock Review”

  1. Melissa A-G says :

    Ken, sharing your journey is a gift of knowledge and support to many. I trust it supports you, too. I hold you in God’s light of compassion, and envision your healing, often when I ride by your house.

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