Infusion #4

Today I had my fourth chemo infusion. This time, Avastin was excluded. This is not good news because Avastin is the key drug that everyone has their money on as being the most effective at fighting my tumor.

Below the Belt

So the abdominal pain I blogged about previously is cleared up. Drain tube is removed. No more pain. Doctors are not clear whether I still have an appendix or whether it perforated/ruptured three weeks ago.

Options Review

An MRI to see if this chemo regimen has been effective will be done in two weeks. Then we’re off to Duke to discuss options. Here’s a quick review of modern-medicine best-of-class tactics tried so far.

  • Temodar — FAIL
  • ICT-107 trial — FAIL
  • Novocure — FAIL
  • Avastin — FAIL

Shit, all the good choices are gone. Avastin MAY be reconsidered in the future. There are more clinical trials; more alternatives; MORE HOPE. I’m not concerned. At least, I don’t consciously think I’m concerned. I notice that I began erasing myself from LinkedIn — leaving Groups that are no longer relevant to me. I’m almost done creating succession plans for my freelance web and design clients. I’m not doing this because I think the end is near. Maybe I just don’t want to go back to that life or career. I have options for that when the time comes.

How am I Feeling?

Despite some bleak news above, I still feel physically, mentally and emotionally strong. The weather is fantastic. I’m dying to take my motorcycle out for a spin. The only thing stopping me is my own caution. No sense risking overdoing anything right now.

I was hyper-aware of motorcycles today though. On a walk today a bike passed by and I noticed how good it sounded as it’s deep rumble faded down the road. Same walk, I saw a young girl riding a Honda 50 that resembled the one I rode when I was 13. I vowed to revive my ’82 Shovelhead and do some Fall riding.

I may have wasted almost an hour creating this image. Actually it was fun. Superimposing two photos of me, forty years apart, and making a stupid shield. (Only thing missing is a Jim Benson critique). I think from time to time I miss playing in Photoshop. In a way it’s like reconnecting with my former life, working a job, not concerned with mortality.

Food Train

As much as I love cooking, I’ve noticed a decreased interest lately. Months ago a neighbor volunteered to sign us up for Food Train — a means for friends and neighbors to volunteer to drop-off a meal or some food. So I finally gave in. Here is a link for anyone interested in participating.



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9 responses to “Infusion #4”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Hi Ken – hang in their buddy. Your 40 cycle photo rocks and your “ride all winter long” spirit is something I’ve always admired. We’re thinking of you guys and it was really nice to see you both in Alabama.

  2. N8P says :

    Uhm gotta say that the device young Ken is riding looks to have four wheels…therefore not sure if qualifies as motor ‘cycle.’


  3. Sister says :

    I laughed so hard I cried, I love the photo shop image and comments. Can’t wait to see you and tina again, you keep me laughing and happy!

  4. Mark Knockemus says :


    My prayers continue, brother.

    Duke! Are y’all driving or flying?

  5. Kitty says :

    I wish you would teach me PhotoShop! LOL I would just be happy to watch a master at work.
    Keep your drive alive!

  6. Mitch Taylor says :

    I hope you beat your cancer, you deserve to. Your clarity and balance through your ordeal has amazed me. My thoughts are with you.


  7. Audrey Wilhelm says :

    Your superimposed photo is beautiful. Your hour was not wasted. You do not appear to be the sort of person who waste time! I understand, however. When we become TRULLY aware of our own personal mortality, every minute counts and it becomes so difficult to prioritize our few remaining days, hours, or minutes. The good news: only
    people who love life have this dilemma.

  8. Carl says :

    Love the picture brother!! Keep fighting! Thinking of you every day. Get out on the bike when you can safely.

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