Irinotecan / Avastin Milestone

Yesterday I had an MRI — the first one since going on the Irinotecan/Avastin infusion treatment plan two months ago. Specifically, I’ve had three doses of Avastin, four of Irinotecan.

For now, we’ll say the news is good. I’ll post more details tomorrow after our trip to Duke’s Preston Robert Tisch brain tumor center.

My last MRI was done at Northwestern in Chicago back in August. The radiologist at DeKalb Medical here in Atlanta apparently had a hard time comparing yesterday’s images because equipment and techniques may vary. There appears to be some progress but specifics are vague. The tumor measurement has increased, but it appears to include a lot of dead (tumor) cells — Necrosis.

Hopefully the brain cancer specialists at Duke will be able to better interpret the results. I need objective criteria to help decide whether to continue poisoning my body with chemo and Avastin or not. This is poisoning my whole body — not just attacking tumors. An impatient man could lose his cool wading through these precarious waters.


The missing Kebostock banner has appeared. While some may claim it was stolen, others might say it took a road trip with friends.

I send my Love and Thanks to the incredible network of people who help support me. I compose a blog post in my head every single day. I work through my thoughts as though I’m talking to you. It’s helpful to me. Luckily, I’m wise enough not to publish all those random thoughts.

[edited to remove excessive rambling]


3 responses to “Necrosis”

  1. Whitney says :

    You’re in my prayers Ken and Tina!

  2. Kitty says :

    As you mentally compose your blog, each of us is mentally composing prayers and positive thoughts toward your well being. We love ya, my precious friend.

  3. Linzy says :

    So happy to read the good news! I say GO FOR the alternative treatments as well!

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