A Winter evening in the garden

Blood test results at the oncologist were great today. I’m okayed to continue on with chemo. I did decide to forego Avastin until after my next MRI. And now I have an MRI scheduled for Monday. Between then and now, I have an appointment with an Osteopath.

One of the principles of Osteopathy is that a person’s history and physical traumas are written into the body’s structure. Through palpitation (feeling), the Osteopath can assess the body’s flow of fluids, motion of tissue, and detect any tightness or blockages.To restore normal functioning, the Osteopath applies a gentle amount of pressure to promote unrestricted movement of fluids, tissues, and joints.

I reported in previous posts that I’ve been a bit down and feel strongly connected to the season and weather. Tonight I decided to spend some time in my garden. It was a beautiful, pleasant, moon-lit night. Many of these photos are of me and a magical feature of our back garden — Corylus contorta (Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick) shrub. They’re just random photos I snapped with my phone. I didn’t intend for them to look so goofy, so ignore that. I felt as though the garden and I are both looking forward to the coming Spring and promise to nourish each other back to health and abundance. Otherwise, the garden was accented by the moon reflecting off dozens of ivory lenten rose blooms.

*The featured image of this post is a portrait of my brother-in-law on which I have been working lately.


3 responses to “A Winter evening in the garden”

  1. Amy Clackum says :

    I like all the pictures but I love the moon picture. I’ve always really liked the moon and being in the moonlight. This is a wonderful picture. Thanks for posting. Hope all goes well. Tell Tina hi for me. 🙂

  2. Rob says :

    These are all really cool and artistic! I love how you can get some real emotion with just a camera phone. The painting of your brother-in-law is neat, too. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you are having pain-free days and nights.

  3. Linzy says :

    I say yeah for the visit to the Osteopath. Please keep posting about the alternatives you try. Good Luck!

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