Time May Be Running Short

"Angst in Red" — A painting I did in college, early 90's

“Angst in Red” — A painting I did in college, early 90’s

It turns out that maybe my last post prematurely announced that I’m doing well. Reconsidering the MRI scan and growth of the tumor, I understand now that doctors think I could have a matter of weeks to live. It’s probably time to call in hospice. That sounds pretty bleak. I do plan to move forward with this ketogenic diet. We hope that it will restoe some vitality, mental clarity and help control seizures, symptoms and headaches

I have known for a long time that my two to five year survival odds were low just by having this cancer, but to hear that I could be so close to expiration could be quite a shock, if I believed it. Similar to when I heard my first diagnosis, it’s a little difficult to believe that Death  may be lurking so near.


38 responses to “Time May Be Running Short”

  1. Annie says :

    All my love and prayers to you and Tina! Keep up the positive attitude. You both are an inspiration to all that know you and love you, and all those that follow your blog. XOXO

  2. Anonymous says :

    I love you Ken. Thinking of you. Stay strong. -Cara

  3. Brett Steele says :

    May you continue to manage this adversity with the same dignity you have shown throughout. You and Tina are an inspiration to many, and I am better for having you as a brother, regardless of how much time either of us have left. I love you, my brother.

  4. Dennis Tarkington says :

    You’ve already beat the odds. Each day is a gift, not just for you, but for all of us. We are all here for an unknown number of days and our jobs are to enjoy each and every moment to its fullest. You have been doing that better than most of us! And, you continue to be an inspiration!! Thanks and love to you and Tina!
    Dennis Tarkington

  5. galaxygirl3 says :

    I love you Buddy, and am keeping you in my thoughts. Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing’s gonna be alright. My love to Tina xxoo

    Peace Love Joy Freedom

  6. Rieferman says :

    Prayers are yours.

  7. Anonymous says :

    You and Tina are in my thoughts and prayers!


  8. Dustin says :

    Ken, I’m so very sorry to hear of this sad news. I just lost my Dad to glioma on March 29th of this year. He was diagnosed in June 2012. You must stay positive! Never give up! No matter what happens, please know that you will be alright. Cancer can never take our souls!

  9. Linda ward says :

    As you move forward my thoughts are with you. Tell people you love them, don’t waste a moment. Xx

  10. Marcus says :

    much love, much respect…. anything you or Tina need, call me.

  11. Jim says :

    Continue to fight. You have fought this with an amazing amount of passion, intelligence, resourcefulness, education, strength and levity. I will continue to lift you and Tina up daily.

    Peace my friend.

  12. Rob says :

    You have made such an impact in this world, Ken. I know you have within you a lot to offer the next. Your attitude, your openness, your zest for life and your friendship have all had a positive effect on me. I also believe you have the balance of strength and peace to “keep calm and carry on” and continue to beat the odds as you enjoy this beautiful Spring with your beautiful wife.

  13. Andrea G. says :

    Thinking of you! Sending tons of positive health vibes your way. I’m running a brain tumor 5k on May 5th- you’ll be on my mind!

  14. Kitty Mosley says :

    Docs can really piss people off, can’t they? You already know what’s ahead and yes, it may be sooner than later. But, why do they venture to guess a timeline dammit! Hang out with people who make you laugh and those who know what makes you happy. If anyone doesn’t, back away. Rent hilariously finny movies even if you’ve seen them already. Listen to that (awful) music you like as loud as you want. Kiss Tina a hundred+ times a day. Go through your library of photos and make a collage of the ones that make you laugh. Shoot pics of yourself making the goofiest faces you think of. Play silly games with Tina like Old Maid, Mr. Potato Head or Candy Land.Land last, but not least, draw a picture of yourself sticking out your tongue with your thumbs in your ears. Put it ain an envelope.. Mail it to your doc when you think it’s appropriate. Doctors! Why can’t they all be like Patch Adams!? xxxxooo

  15. CS Weddington says :

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Tina. You have many friends in body and spirit. Lean on us all, Ken.

  16. Anonymous says :

    There are many prayers been said for you and your wife.

  17. Julia says :

    Praying for you

  18. Guy says :

    Dear Ken, what can i say…. i am so shocked…. obviously the treatment has failed…..
    maybe you have still some time left to walk the NWBO path?

  19. Karen says :

    Ken, i want to share with you how much you have given me as the spouse of a GBM patient. Your attitude and insight and thoughts have helped me to deal with what my husband has been going through…as we live from MRI to MRI but try to keep life a normal as possible which it isn’t. I am saddened to read your words today. I just wanted you to know that you have likely touched many like me. The power of social media allows strangers to provide others with comfort, insight and friendship – thank you and i hope that you get to say to the people close to you everything you need to say. Take care

  20. Anonymous says :

    I hope if it is close to the end that you have dignity and comfort through the last fight!

  21. Anonymous says :

    You are in my thoughts. I don’t know you but I am moved by your story.

  22. Michaeila Kuykendall says :

    Love ya’ big.

  23. Ancy says :

    Dear Ken,

    Our Prayers are there with you…be brave… God Bless you and guard you…

  24. David Sommer (@Goliath_and_I) says :

    Keep it up Ken. I know it’s difficult to think that our personal attitudes DO affect our progress, but I think it does. Anything to get us to the next step. I’m with ya brotha!

  25. Mark Knockemus says :

    Kebo, thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us all. You are the most courageous person I’ve known.

  26. Robyn cross says :

    Seriously it is worth looking up Dr Johanna BUDWIG
    The BUDWIG protocol
    Free to down load the PDF
    My dad actually went to the clinic approx 12 years Ago after being given a few months
    He turns 80 this year
    Remember “it ain’t over until the fat lady

    • Ken says :

      zi sgree and encourage other cancer fighters to look into it.

    • Jon says :

      My spouse progressed under the Budwig protocol. Maybe it works for some people and not others. But it became a chore for him, he hated the taste, and I feel guilty that it gave him displeasure for no benefit.

      • Ken says :

        Indeed it’s not an easy plan to follow. Takes getting used to and experimentation to make a version that is palatable. I appreciate you sharing his expeience here for others to consider.

  27. Christie says :

    I think of you and Tina daily. You are a force to be reckoned with. Your smile and attitude have brightened many of my days. Keep fighting as I know you will, your strength has changed the lives of so many. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Miss you guys.

  28. tryingtosurviveonemomentatatime says :

    You have been such an inspiration to so many. Thank you for sharing your experiences good and bad. I have been checking your blog everyday to see how you are doing. You are an amazing person. I wish you and your family much peace and comfort at this time.

  29. Juanita says :

    That really really sucks! All of our days are numbered, and noone really knows when our final days are here but it sure sounds like they are trying to number yours! Enjoy your days with Tina and live with NO regrets! Praying for you and hoping you continue to show those doctors they are wrong! Call if you need anything!!! Love you!!

  30. Anonymous says :

    I have been following your story for quite some time. I just now believe I may have discovered how to leave a reply…hope this works.
    Anyway…I prayed for you today man.
    I can see how much you want to live. You have people who love you and that is life.
    It’s amazing how someone I don’t know can have such an impact on myself.
    I don’t have the words really to say…
    I wish you well.
    Jeff D Linke

  31. Anonymous says :

    I live across the street from your precious Mother. We have prayed for you and Tina everyday since you were diagnosed. Our prayers will continue and remember your life is a testimony to so many people. April 29,2013

  32. Susan M. says :


    I have been following your blog, as well as other blogs of GBM patients, so that I may better help my loving husband of 33 years (this May 31st) who was diagnosed with the Beast this past January.

    I hope that the Ketogenic Diet can buy you much, much more quality time. I believe that the diet is truly doable. At any rate, I am looking forward to your “next” blog post and the “next” one and the “next” one. etc. etc. 🙂

    You already know that you are covered by a gigantic sheet of prayers from many good people, and I just want to add mine to theirs.

    Love to you and your lovely wife.

    Susan M.
    Spokane, WA

  33. Ann Michele West says :

    Much love to you and your beautiful wife Kebo…Jason and I still have the champagne bottle from our wedding that you painted! Great memories…
    Stay strong and know that many of us, though separated by miles and time, have followed your journey and are touched by your unrelenting will to live. I hope, one day, we get to meet Tina and share many, many stories.

    Ann Michele West

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