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Cognitive Dissonance

My December

Recently I have had the occasional, fleeting feeling that I am in My December.* I dismiss the feeling easily after giving it brief consideration and get back to focusing on feelings of well-being.

The other day, I glanced at the microwave to see what time it was, and the display read… END. (Creepy)



But now that I’m telling you about it, I’ll admit it worries me a little bit. And in addition to that, I’ve got some notable symptoms going on: a low white blood cell count, a couple days of inexplicably, constantly bloodshot eyes and possibly some blood in urine and stool. Pretty scary, huh? No, not really. It’s minor. I have no pain and I feel pretty good.


I have an appointment with my oncologist in the morning. I really need to see my white blood cell count rebound. So I won’t bid you a Happy New Year just yet. I’ll post the outcome of my appointment before then.

My disposition has not changed. Another Spring is around the corner for me!

Come what may,

*I think “December” is a common metaphor for nearing the end. I mention this in case my intention wasn’t clear. Hey, I studied math and art. I know little of language and literature. (Hell, I know little of math or art too.) However, I am learning a bit about quantum physics, metaphysics, nutrition, compassion and Love.


Tina snapped a photo of me painting labels for the 2012 batch of Kill-u-a. Notice that I’ve had to resort to using reading glasses. At least it makes me feel like I’m getting to experience “old-age” a bit.