1997 Electra Glide

No riding/driving until I’m seizure-free for six months. My seizure occurred on August 11, 2011 so that puts me at February 11, 2012. That’s just in time for cold, bad riding weather here in Atlanta.

Other restrictions I’m faced with include:

  • Alcohol — I guess this makes sense. Hopefully it won’t be forever.
  • Meat — I’m not convinced on this one entirely but I am making a change to eating more living and raw foods.
  • Sugar/chocolate — I haven’t heard it conclusively, but “sugar feeds cancer” is a saying that we must have heard along the way so I’m being good about cutting out sweets (in excess).
  • Caffeine — I miss coffee and British tea, but have been enjoying a diverse selection of teas and maté.

Not so bad a list. We meet with doctors today to discuss the treatment plan.


One response to “Restrictions”

  1. sharon says :

    You rat bastard! It may be feb. But the ride will still be sweet! Albert and i will be there, love you and your wheatgrass shots

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