Radiology mask

Here I am getting fitted with a radiology mask. It will hold my head securely in place and ensure that radiation beams are delivered precisely. I was also instructed on taking the oral chemo treatment, Temodar.

Decisions, decisions

We are moving forward with the Standard of Care treatment (radiation and chemo). Emory currently has one Phase II clinical trial available to me — RTOG 0837. It uses a drug called Cediranib which has a pretty nasty list of possible side effects. We are not willing to travel that path right now.

Tina, in her tireless efforts, found another Phase II clinical trial being offered by Rush University in Chicago called ICT-107. This study has some encouraging write-ups and basically no side effects. Rather than testing an experimental drug, it is testing immunotherapy — creating a vaccine from my own white blood cells. I had blood work taken today to see if I qualify for the study.


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One response to “Preparations”

  1. sharon says :

    Thank you for sharing this journey with me and everyone. I am here for you in any way. I have an amazing big brother.

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