Supplemental Work

A couple people expressed an interest in hearing more about working with the acupuncturist, Lisa. This post describes a bit of my experience with her. (Forgive the cheesy graphic, but I needed something for this post. The colors correspond to body chakras that I discuss below.)

Body Consult

Lisa always “consults” my body to determine what needs to be done. I hold a finger and thumb together. She does something which seems to be like asking my body a question or she’ll touch a part of my body. She then attempts to pull my fingers apart. Regardless of the effort I exert to keep them together, they sometimes release. Other times they hold fast. Something that is really strange, and I may have mentioned in an earlier post, is that she can swipe her hand in one direction on the part of my body she is addressing and my fingers release. Then swipe in the other and they hold fast. It’s as if she asks a question and gets an answer, then asks the contra positive to verify the answer. Just this bit is intriguing to me.

Energy Work

At my last appointment with Lisa, we decided to do some energy work. With my eyes closed, I focused on my breathing. I tried to be observant of what I was feeling and experiencing. Lisa did her thing — touching here and there and whatever else (I wasn’t watching). I’m sure I’m not describing the goal accurately, but essentially it was for her to “look” inside me and help de-knot my chakras and contribute to my healing.

Maybe you know what it’s like when your eyes are closed and you sometime see shapes or colors. I was experiencing a lot of the color purple. I sort of skeptically, but open-mindedly watched shapes in my mind’s eye morph as if they were relevant. There was no verbal communication between the two of us. Maybe 30 minutes into it, she placed fingers on my forehead and abdomen. At that moment I experienced a flood of orange and white light in my mind and she said, “that’s better.” That coincidence seemed weird (in a good way).

After that, I sort of lost track of time. I don’t remember consciously having to focus on what was happening or my breathing. I suppose I was in a bit of a dreamlike state or maybe even asleep. Lisa suggested that I was possibly “out-of-body.” I do remember “waking up” abruptly, like I somehow knew we were finished without being told.

Afterwards, I described the orange light to her. She explained that at that same moment, when she said, “that’s better,” it was because she could sense the adjustment (to my energy flow).

These are things that I think most people have to experience to believe. I’m not even sure I can believe my own experiences. That is, maybe my interpretations or memories are distorted by what I think should be happening or what I want to happen. But, it feels right. It feels good. I think continuing to explore these things will help me understand better.

I do know that it’s not hurting anything.

I’d love to hear your opinions and feedback on any of this. Comment below if you want it public. Or privately email me at


5 responses to “Supplemental Work”

  1. sharon says :

    Do you think it has to be ongoing or can one visit have an impact, as far as a raised awareness? I would love the experience.

    • Ken says :

      All I know is that on my very first visit, I experienced something. One of the needles in my leg felt like it was rotating. She said that was energy flowing. It was enough to convince me to go back for more.

  2. Marcus Melton says :

    Kebo – I know it’s not the same obviously, but I think it’s analogous. With Lukas’s disabilities we have tried multiple methods to address. Our standard has always been (absence of total proof of effectiveness) a) does it do harm, b) does it inconvenience Lukas, c) do we foresee any reason that we would regret trying it. A “No” answer to all 3 meant we would try it.

    I hope you find an answer or combination of answers that ends with a great result; and I respect your judgements. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Dennis Keeney says :

    Evening Ken, How are you doing? Hope your energy is up and going strong. The trips to Chicago must be exhausting on you both. Question…ask Lisa her thoughts on acupuncture to help with nicotine withdrawal…I’ve heard positive feedback on it.

    You resting well?

    Take care Mr. Man!


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