Goodbye, Chicago. Hello, Birmingham

Going forward, I may try dividing posts into medical and personal sections. This should make it easier for people who are just interested in the ICT-107 trial.


I had my final Chicago treatment visit. Blood tests were fine. I got the vaccine injections. They caused the same flu symptoms, which Tylenol helped alleviate. We thanked Liz and Dr. Aiken for their wonderful care and attention. My case is being transferred to the University of Alabama at Birmingham comprehensive cancer center because Chicago is too far away, too expensive and too cold. My first visit to UAB will be for my second MRI.

Chicago Tribune

In front of Chicago Tribune building.


We flew to Chicago on Christmas Day (Sunday). It’s a great day for travel — most people are at home.

My appointment was on Tuesday so we had all day Monday to explore the city. Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea. We tried to see the Dr. Seuss exhibit at the Science and Industry museum, but it sold out as we waited in line. So we went to the Art Institute of Chicago instead. It was inspiring for me. I hope to get into the studio soon for some painting.

Another big stop of the day was a visit to Pastoral to sample and buy artisanal cheeses. For my foodie friends, I was excited to buy a limited-production cheese I had been wanting to try for years — Upland Cheese Company’s Rush Creek Reserve.

We ended the day with a fantastic meal at our favorite Chicago restaurant, North Pond. I loosened the reigns on my self-imposed dietary restrictions so I could enjoy the seasonal tasting prix fixe menu with wine pairings!

Dinner at North Pond Restaurant

I’ll miss the culture, architecture, food, art and vibrancy of Chicago but I’m ready to move on. I haven’t visited Birmingham in a long time. So I look forward to checking it out again. But mostly look forward to all the friends I can reconnect with who live there or nearby.


2 responses to “Goodbye, Chicago. Hello, Birmingham”

  1. Andrew Loveman says :

    Hello, Birmingham! Hello, Ken! I live in Bham and would be glad to offer help to you and Tina. Give me a buzz on when you’ll be in town for treatments, where to stay, where to play, where to veg, where to eat (I noticed you’re a foodie and we have some places you’ll love), where to whatever. I’m your tour guide ready to deliver the goods on my town. As I stated previously, the Loveman’s will continue to pray for good results!

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