Extended Phase, Month 1

Me and sprouts

My first week of double-dose chemo went well. I did not experience any ill effects.

The follow-up blood results also showed that the chemo did not significantly knock down my blood cell counts.

The only thing that has changed from my regular regimen of nutritious eating and healthy living is that I’ve continued riding a bicycle regularly. It is quickly improving my endurance, stamina and energy level.

Tina and I will spend Christmas day traveling to Chicago. We will spend the next day having a last hurrah in the city. The next day will be my final visit to Rush University Medical Center before we transfer treatments for the next year to Birmingham.


I'm getting good at growing sprouts and wheatgrass.

Fire and FLH

Beautiful mid-December day. I can't ride my motorcycle yet, but I can share a fire with her.


8 responses to “Extended Phase, Month 1”

  1. Barbara McLendon says :

    Barbara McLendon says : Dec 19, 2011 at 10:50 pm
    Ken I realize that you are doing mostly organic but I have something for to consider. I have been drinking Naked (brand) coconut water for jerking legs. I usually mix it with a juice of some kind such as pineapple juice or orange mango. Anyway, I will get down to what I want to tell you. A lady who works in the health food store has a friend with brain cancer and lung cancer. he drinks this to improve his.energy after chemo and radiation. Not sure if the water and his improvement are related but he has some shrinkage in both cancers. If you are interested you can look it up on the Internet – Naked Coconut Water

  2. Cindi Gatton says :

    You are a real testimony to the balance between eastern and western medicine. Yay you to have no side effects from the traditional treatment! Rock on!


  3. Rob Marbury says :

    Thanks for the update, Ken. It sounds good, but don’t you think you’ll miss the “refreshing” Chicago air?!? Maybe you’ll have to take a fan with you to Birmingham. ;-).
    Hope all continues to go well, and you perfect the art of sprout growing.
    Praying for you, and your bride.

  4. Gregg Bauer says :

    Let me know when you’re up for another bike ride.

  5. Juanita Krisher says :

    Oh good!!! Wheatgrass!!! I live on it! Do you do any shakes? Natural of course! I have a recipe if you want it!

    • Ken says :

      I’d love a recipe. Thank you! I’m going to add a contact form to the site so people can reach out to me privately. But feel free to add it as a comment if you prefer.

  6. Juanita says :

    4oz coconut milk (naked or fully clothed)
    1Tbs cashew nut butter
    1 Tbs agave nectar
    1 tsp powder wheatgrass or 1 oz juiced
    1 tsp powder alfalfa
    1/2 tsp powder spirulina
    1 banana
    Blend in blender and enjoy!
    I add whey protein when I’m working out or fasting.
    Let me know if you have questions!

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