MRI Hell

There’s no useful information in this post. I do have a meeting with the Emory neurosurgeon this afternoon and will report back. Below is just a curiosity I wanted to share.

When I viewed my latest MRI image, the one shown in my previous post, I saw a human form with two faces in the middle of the image (between the two hemispheres). A horned head and a face in the abdomen.

This morning, by chance, I happened upon an oil on wood painting by Hans Memling called “Hell” done in 1485. I was struck by the similarity of the images.

I understand if you don’t see it (or if you don’t want to see it).


6 responses to “MRI Hell”

  1. mom says :


  2. Sharon says :

    Wow, I see it too! Crazy you came across that image. Neat!

  3. Andy Clackum says :

    Yes,I see them too,plus,a few more human images to the right and left.And also a bad ass cigar cutter above it all.Wicked!

  4. Carolyn "Carol" Weddington says :

    Life imitating art. “Hell” is ironic and aptly describes GBM. Were brain tumors diagnosed back in the 15th century? An art museum curator might be interested in your discovery.

  5. Linzy Barber says :

    I see what you describe. very strange indeed.

  6. Rob Marbury says :

    Reminds me of that movie “The Mothman Prophecies.” I pray this is not an omen of things to come, but a reminder that Cancer is Hell. And that it can be beat.

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