Craniotomy No. 2 Post-Surgery Update


My wife (Tina), mother (Cheryle) and I  arrived at Emory for my 5:30am Friday surgery appointment. We were very excited that I was eligible for the Gliolan (5-ALA) clinical trial. This trial is testing a drug that when ingested, causes tumors to glow red under certain fluorescent light during surgery. This makes it easier to distinguish cancer cells from healthy, normal cells, improving the final result. Although it is a trial, awaiting FDA approval, the drug has been used for over ten years in Europe.

Unfortunately, My white blood cell count was too low on that day and I could not get Gliolan. Doctors had to operate old-school.

The operation took about an hour and a half. I’m told Dr. Olson did consult with me after but I don’t remember it (too doped up). What they removed was 80% tumor and 20% necrotic tissue. A post-op MRI was done, but we have not had the chance to review  it yet with the doctors. It’s possible that they didn’t get it all. Also, they cut along the same line as before. They just used sutures rather than staples this time.

Quick work

Doctors and nurses were surprised and pleased with my quick recovery time. I was discharged from the ICU Sunday at noon. So about a day and a half of hospital care isn’t bad. I had excellent nurses taking care of me, including Tina and Mom.


11 responses to “Craniotomy No. 2 Post-Surgery Update”

  1. Carol Cornelius says :

    We love you Ken, Tina and Mom. You are in our prayers for a quick recovery. Thank you for the update. We’ve been thinking of you all weekend.

  2. Pat Brizay says :

    Dude, That is some awesome post-op news.

  3. Carol Armitage says :

    I’m so glad you’re home from the hospital so quickly, Kebo! Praying for speedy healing and clear MRI results. Keep us posted, and we’ll continue checking in to see how we can help. Hugs to you and Tina…and your mom!
    Carol and the Armitage clan

  4. says :


    We were delighted to hear that you were home so soon and are making a quick recovery.

    With much love,

    Liisa and Ken


  5. Anonymous says :

    That’s awesome that they kicked you out so fast – what great news. You’re obviously doing it right. Keep it up and your fan club continues to cheer you on 🙂

  6. Bob Powell says :

    Awesome! Keep trucking with that great attitude. Continued best wishes for you! Bob

  7. Whitney says :

    So happy you had a quick recovery in the hospital. I’ll be praying for you and Tina!

  8. Anonymous says :

    KICKS ASS buddyy

    By the way – powerball is big time $$ for wendnesday night. A winning ticket is coming your wayu

    Love you. Rusty.

  9. Juanita Krisher says :

    From a wound care nurse perspective “NICE LINES!!!, well approximated and looking lovely”. love the new doo! I’m sending some hair gel so you can spike that straight outward for a Star Wars like look. I remember after my brain surgery going to see Aliens and in it was Siguorney Weaver’s first shaved look.
    I got some good stares. I just said “What? I didn’t get the part, SHE did!” I thought my mother was going to pass out….
    Continue your healing, we’ll continue our prayers.
    Love ya!

  10. anomalogue says :

    Ken, congratulations on recovering from your surgery so quickly. You and Tina are always in my mind — I’m always hoping and sending metta your way.

    Have you gotten to review the MRI, yet? I’ve been watching for an update.

    • Ken says :

      Emory sent me home with a copy of the MRI, but still have not reviewed it with me. I’m in a bit of suspense myself. Soon as I know, I’ll pass along the details. Thank you!

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