Asian Massage Parlor Wisdom

I have a great wife! Tonight she took me to an Asian massage parlor.

And… she got the full works too… right there, next to me. Oh… and my sister, Sharon, is in town visiting. She also got the treatment there in the room with us. That’s right — we all got amazing, hour-long foot massages.

The masseuse serving me, “Lisa,” was apparently a nutritionist. I had difficulty understanding her though. Not just because of her thick Japanese accent but because we had to be covert about talking with each other. You see, the boss-man would come around and firmly scold her for talking.

“Keep quiet. The customer is here to relax, not chit-chat,” was clearly his perspective. Of course, I’m wanting all the advice I can get. But, it was clear that she better watch out.

Still, Lisa was intent on sharing with me her cultures’ health knowledge — specifically for combating cancer. She would whisper snippets of advice until I gave the signal that the boss-man was approaching. Then we’d act like everything was normal until he left the room.

I can’t pass along the ancient wisdom right now. Mainly it was logical nutrition advice with some unexpected surprises. She said she would call me soon to share the full recipe to defeat cancer.

I hope it’s clear that this true story is written in a fun, joking way. Lisa was very sweet and genuine. I believe she truly wants to help me. She also instructed me to pray everyday, but made no mention of to whom I should pray. It was an intense massage and interesting meeting.

As Tina, Sharon and I prepared to leave, the boss-man asked me about the NovoTTF gear. When he heard it was cancer he revealed that he is a five year survivor. He credited his success to following the Japanese eating recommendations that he was trying to prevent Lisa from revealing to me.


5 responses to “Asian Massage Parlor Wisdom”

  1. Andrew Clackum says :

    I love those covert/relaxation trips you indulge in.Always sounds to be a win-win.I know you have been diving in the books for knowledge about the best way to beat this cancer and,speaking of Asian diets,you might want to read a book called “The Okinawan Diet”.As a whole,they are the healthiest,longest living people on Earth.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Were you at The Sole Spa? (Picture looks strikingly familiar). I LOVE that place, and if they have any ancient remedies for anything besides foot massage that leaves me feeling glorious, I’m game – share, share!

  3. Andrew Loveman says :

    Kebo –
    You are amazing! Your updates are just as I would expect. I love your take on things. You have always been a guy who looks at the world with your own eye. Consider that a compliment, not just an observation. I have continued to pray for you, Tina, your Mom, your bro, and your sis.
    If you come this way again, call or e-mail. I’ll be in Atlanta in the Fall for business. What do you think – steaks?

    Andrew “Luv-e-bug” Loveman

  4. Linzy says :

    Love that room!! I bet it was a great experience. Tell the boss man to allow the woman to reveal Asian diet secrets…I am sure for a small fee.

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