Cultural Advice

An interesting part of my journey has been meeting people. While out in public, various people, ask me about the Novocure device. Total strangers, genuinely caring.

Some people have advice for how to beat cancer. It’s interesting hearing recommendations from various cultures. To help set up my story about today’s encounter, here are a couple quick examples I’ve picked up from my previous exchanges:

  • Asian Indians tout Turmeric as being critical.
  • Japanese seem to emphasize a regimented approach with strict nutritional guidelines including tea, shiso, garlic, green vegetables, miso, tofu. Everything seasonal and fresh, of course.

Today Tina and I ate at a Mediterranean restaurant for lunch. The place was nondescript and homey. The owner, a stout, Middle-Eastern man, was bursting with panache and energy. As we paid the bill, he asked about the Novocure gear. I gave a brief, sullen answer. I was curious about where he was from and what his culture had to recommend for my situation so I asked.

He answered with a commanding voice and animated pounding hands, “I am Israeli. We know how to fight. You fight! You kick this cancer’s ass! Never give up the fight!”

When I told him that the technology I was using was developed in Israel. He said,“I know.” Well, I don’t think he actually knew that, but he explained that the best neurologists in the world are either Israeli or they study in Jerusalem.

I felt it was a story worth sharing. No nutritional advice — just an encouraging war cry: Fight!




3 responses to “Cultural Advice”

  1. Kitty says :

    I agree with this Israeli guy. Since MS is also Neurological thing, scads of MS treatments originated in that country. And not giving up coupled with your great sense of humor are powerful alies! Keep up the fight and keep these stories coming. Very entertaining! You should publish all this on Smashwords!

  2. Brett Steele says :

    Fight, fight, fight!

  3. Linzy says :


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