Today was Tina’s last day of work, hence the title pseudo-retirement. She resigned from her job so we could spend some quality time together; travel a bit; see some family and friends. So to celebrate, I made a fantasía meal for dinner. Fantasía just means a meal thrown together with whatever you have on hand. I learned about fantasía from Tina’s aunt, Maija, one night in Dénia in the province of Alicante, Spain.

In case anyone was suspicious of my stories in the previous post, I submit to you the multi-course meal I served tonight.

  1. Beehive Cheese Company’s Squeaky Bee Smokey Jalapeno Cheese Curds and Wickle’s pickles
  2. Hard boiled egg with 2 year old homemade kimchiEgg, Kimchi
  3. Farm fresh carrots braised in yuzu juice with orange marmalade roquette saladCarrot
  4. Shiitake mushrooms and local Imperial Sweets onions sautéed in coconut oil Shitake
  5. Roasted red snapper with home brewed kombucha sauce over flame-wilted bok choy Snapper
  6. Hanger steak tataki with nama shoyu and ponzu served with red quinoa salad Tataki
  7. Beef, strawberries, cilantro, habañero spring rolls Spring Roll
  8. Garden-fresh, sliced, Etowah county tomato and St. Agur butter cream blue cheese with Noble Tonic 03 maple matured sherry bourbon oak vinegar Tomato
  9. Toasted essene bread and butter Essene Bread
  10. Sautéed sprouted tofu with black garlic and nori komi furikake Tofu
  11. Three-flavors dessert — matcha nama chocolate (green tea white chocolate from Kyotofu Bakery in New York); High Road mango chili lime sorbet; pecan/date raw brownie (homemade) Dessert

9 responses to “Pseudo-retirement”

  1. Heather Reeves Coleman says :

    Ok, seriously amazing meal!!!! I hope that you and Tina enjoy your time together 🙂 We will have to come up for a dinner soon!

  2. Linzy says :

    i want recipe for homemade kombucha sauce please.

    • Ken says :

      I make my own kombucha tea (thanks to Heather Reeves Coleman giving me a scoby). It’s great because it’s easy to do and cheaper than buying kombucha drinks from the store. New scobies are produced with each batch of tea, so there’s plenty to go around. I gave one away but the rest end up in the compost heap because not too many people I know seem interested in giving it a go. It’s a good drink, but doesn’t really do much as a sauce. The heat probably decreases any health benefit. I can keep a scoby for you if you want.

  3. Amy Clackum says :

    I am just amazed that you had all that on hand. It all looks wonderful. Bil cooked dinner one time with what we had on hand – rice, some kind of left over meat I think – honestly I can’t remember what all was in it, but I do remember him telling me what he was putting in as he was making it. I was in the living room thinking something along the lines of “what a combination,” when he asked, “How about some pimento cheese on top?” I said, “Why the hell not” and that is what we had for supper. We ate it, but got tickled because it was not very good. He really could cook wonderful things to eat. I want the brownie recipe.

    • Ken says :

      Hi Amy! That’s why my dinner was spread out into multiple courses! It made the meal sound fancy and all that food together would have been pretty bad! I added the brownie recipe to the end of the last post.

  4. Sharon says :

    Mmmmmmmm, fantasia, so glad I shared in this tradition before with you and tina, it was amazing. So now I’m jealous I missed this one, because I know what im missing! I love you both and I’m so glad you’re enjoying every day!

  5. Juanita Krisher says :

    Holy COW KEN you are amazing! You must post more! I need to sneak into your kitchen! You cook like I want to! I mostly juice my food, but wow, amazing food and now if you were close my face would be on your door pressed up on it and drooling…how’s that for a scary photo? Good thing my hair is fully grown in or that would be even scarier! Oh wait, it’s morning, so I have morning hair..I’m taking it all back. You are amazing, Tina is a lucky woman, write those recipes down! Now I’m hungry!
    Love and stomach growls,

  6. Andrew Clackum says :

    Wait,where’s the cheese toast?

  7. beehivekatie says :

    Hi Ken! That meal looks amazing. I was especially excited to see our Squeaky Bee curds get a mention. Thanks for supporting our family creamery in Utah. Keep up the amazing work 🙂
    ^Katie, Beehive Cheese

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