Let the Infusions Begin

Tomorrow morning I will have my first treatment of Avastin and Irinotecan. The intravenous infusions should take between four and five hours for this first go-round.

Here’s my prediction: I’ll tolerate the treatment with very mild side effects, if any; the tumor will quit growing; my brain swelling will subside; and soon the tumor will begin to self-destruct and shrink; then I’ll be able to switch to a less toxic, alternative treatments. I have a lot to accomplish in this life time — got to get healthy quickly so I can get busy living.

A quick note on Novocure: I still have the equipment. Maybe I didn’t give it long enough to work. I continue to read about other people’s experiences with it. But I need immediate results which it was not providing, hence the switch to chemo. Time will tell. I was glad to be free of it’s restrictions though so I could enjoy a weekend of fun and WATER!

R&R at the Lake

Tina and I spent the weekend visiting with friends and family. A family friend allowed us to stay at their beautiful lake house. It was a real joy for me to get in the water since I haven’t been able to do that for over a year. A friend of my brother’s brought his speed boat over. I tried wake-boarding for the first time. I got up on my third attempt. Even though the ride only lasted about 20 seconds before I wiped out, it was a blast.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it a wonderful weekend for Tina and I!


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4 responses to “Let the Infusions Begin”

  1. tony says :

    Hi Mr. Maudsley, I enjoy your updates and wish you the best. My roommate was diagnosed with GBM last year, and like everyone seems to do I got online to learn more about it. I ran across your blog and find it informative and encouraging. Thanks again for taking to time to write. -Tony

  2. Dennis Tarkington says :

    Gods Speed, Ken. Looking forward to next month’s event. Great picture of the six of you!!
    Dennis Tarkington

  3. Whitney says :

    Ken – Hope today goes well 🙂

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