Save the Date

Save the date for a two-day party in my home town, Gadsden, Alabama. It’s an opportunity to get together with friends and family as well as unite as a community. Details are still being worked out but we do know dates and places.

Day One

  • DATE: Friday, September 21, 2012
  • TIME: 6pm to midnight (CST)
  • LOCATION: Back Forty Brewery, Gadsden, AL (
  • BANDS: To be announced

Day Two

  • DATE: Saturday, September 22, 2012
  • TIME: noon to 5pm (CST)
  • LOCATION: Willie’s Woods, Rainbow City, AL (
  • BANDS: To be announced

My brother-in-law, Albert Simpson, has been helping us through my cancer journey since day one.  It was his idea to put together a benefit event. He’s a musician ( and will perform, but he ran with the idea and is growing the event into something pretty big, with several bands, a silent auction, good cookin’ and some other activities in the works.

We’re trying to raise a little money to help with travel and bills. I’ve added a DONATE page to this website to help explain more about our needs and situation.

But more importantly, the benefit is about getting to have a good time with friends old and new. It’s impossible to have one-on-one visits with all the people I want to see again so why not gather everyone together for a celebration?

More details to come soon!


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4 responses to “Save the Date”

  1. Betty Dean says :

    Sounds great. Looking forward to it and seeing all of you again. Other than donations, if I can bring or do anything, let me know.

  2. LInzy says :

    very cool!

  3. Auth says :

    We are already doing coinontvenal treatments for GBM, but are adding the vit d in hopes of reducing further tumor growth. I know that Israel is doing a phase 2 study right now with 4000IU of vitd along with traditional radiation/chemo. Whoever authored this wrote specific percentages on tumor regression with the use of vit d. I want to know where he/she got the numbers??? Or are they just making it up?

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