Halloween Update

It’s been exactly one week since my last Avastin/Irinotecan infusion. I’ve been feeling very good. I’m on the same treatment plan that I was on for the last couple months but I seem to be handling it better so far — no abdominal pain; I have energy and appetite; things are good.

I was inspired by the success of another GBM survivor (over two year survivor) and I am now following the Budwig plan (flaxseed oil and cottage cheese quark diet) more strictly. Tina’s making me healthy green smoothies daily. I’m back to not eating red meat and am avoiding the whites: sugar, rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, etc. I get lots of exercise. I continue my spiritual exploration. My attitude and mindset are nothing but positive for myself. I do worry about the state of affairs for everyone else though — the crap foods being provided to us by stores and restaurants.

Tina and I have been reading a book by Greg Anderson titled, Cancer: 50 Essential Things To Do. We are both connecting with it and I recommend it if you’re dealing with cancer.

All Hallows’ Eve

Tina and I at our front door. That’s our everyday door-knocker in the background — not a Halloween decoration.

It’s just entertainment reading from here.

Last week, I was chatting with a neighborhood boy (about 6 years old) about Halloween. He commented on how scary some of the (store-bought) tombstones, (plastic) skeletons, (sheet) ghosts and (blow-up) spiders were in the neighborhood. He asked why we didn’t have a bunch of decorations up, too. I told him we don’t “decorate” for Halloween. I warned that it will be “real” at my house on Halloween and not to come by unless he wants to get scared. (He scoffed at this.)

I hand painted a sign on rotten wood to help route trick-or-treaters. My jack-o-lantern had a big flame that occasionally burned green from copper sulfate. A strobe light illuminated saws and hooks dangling in my garage. Glenn Danzig’s Black Aria provided the aural landscape. My “scary zone” was further up the driveway than the front door where Tina handed out treats. Several people stopped to look but then skipped our house to go to the neighbors’. Maybe our set up was confusing — or, maybe too questionable (i.e., super spooky).

It was good and dark when that boy came by our house and he was ahead of his father. I hid in the garage behind the saws. Before he knocked on the front door, I made some noise that caught his attention. I made some haunting monster growls and reveled in satisfaction as he ran away warning his dad that it was too scary. Success!

I’m not sure if my lesson to him will translate to appreciating creativity over the convenience of mass-production but, in a way, that was my motivation (that and having fun scaring kids).


9 responses to “Halloween Update”

  1. Anonymous says :

    You and Tina are always top-notch with creating the right ambiance for almost anything you do. Some of our best nights in memory are enjoying the ambiance of your beautiful backyard with awesome company into the early hours of morning. I’m really liking your thoughts on your diet too. It really serves to remind me how much what I put into my body matters in the overall picture.

  2. N8P says :

    Great lesson!

  3. Kitty says :

    Every abode does not house a creative genius like you. Poor little boy; you could have scarred hIm for life! LOL

    So happy you’re doing so well! Keep the drive alive!!

  4. Liisa and Ken Ennor says :


    Good to hear that you are feeling well. We enjoyed your blog about halloween.


    Liisa and Ken

  5. Rob says :

    Glad I couldn’t make it to your scary house for Halloween!! I’d have run away, too! Sounds like you are feeling pretty good, and having some fun, too. That warms my spirits. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sister says :

    Ahhh, I love it! Dad loved scaring kids too. I remember him making bear sounds on a camping trip to some poor misguided kid alone, then turning it into a cough when his parents approached. Great pic of u and tina. Would have loved to spend halloween with yall. Not one trickortreater here.

  7. Linzy says :

    Awesome scare and nice lesson about Halloween night real and creative effects vs. lame decorations. Green smoothies are a great idea-make sure the ingredients are organic!!!

  8. Mark Knockemus says :


    Thanks for sharing the treats of October with us all!

    Just curious…could you elaborate more on “I continue my spiritual exploration.”

    Thanks, bro!
    – Mark

    • Ken says :

      Hey Mark! I’ll write about the spiritual part of my journey soon. Well, I’m not sure how soon it’ll be, but I’ll start pulling thoughts together.

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