For Rusty

How am I doing? Well, I’m doing fine. Hell, today I suited up in full leathers and rode my sled around Atlanta on a perfect sunny, brisk, Fall afternoon.

Chemo was five days ago. I feel like shit for about three days after treatment but improve quickly beyond that. I see people out and about all the time. I look great (I’m told) — good color, energetic, positive. I must be doing really well. I believe that I am. I believe it with an intensity that may will it to be so.

I thought Rusty looked great; sounded great. He and I could beat this cancer.

Rusty died a few days ago — right around that damn 14 month statistic. Writing a bit about him now stirs up powerful emotions and contemplations in me.

Rusty and I pointing to each-others surgery wounds.

GBM brought Rusty and I together at the end of 2011. I’m pretty sure it was his mom that found my blog and connected us because of our similarities (age, diagnosis, surgery, etc.). Rusty’s grand mal seizure was about a month after mine.

His mom was right. Connecting us was a good thing. It’s valuable for me to speak with anyone going through a similar journey. But to have another dude, my age to really, really talk to and compare notes is so much more. Rusty and I hit it off and became brothers.

Rusty didn’t live in Georgia, but I was able to meet him in person while he was visiting Atlanta. Rusty was a proud father. He was generous in every way. He gave a lot of love. And his salutation of preference was “cheers.”

Love to Rusty’s family from Tina and I.


7 responses to “For Rusty”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Lovely read Ken.
    Thinking of you with Love!

  2. Cheryle Maudsley says :

    Son, I’m sorry to learn of Rusty’s passing. I can tell you connected with him. The internet has many good uses and bringing you and Rusty together is proof. See you tomorrow. Love, Mom

  3. Andie Young Mewbourn says :

    Ken, you have a heart of gold. You always have. I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.
    Always thinking of you!

  4. Linzy says :

    Sorry to read of your friend’s death. So stoked to read that your progress is good:) and to get an up date. I was just thinking yesterday or today, I cant remember which, that I have not received a post in my email from your blog in a while ….

  5. AdAbsurdum3 says :

    I’m really sorry to hear about your friend- GBM is absolutely the worst.
    I’m so happy, however, to hear that you’re doing well- it really is nice, when GBM seems like a mountain that grows ten-fold with every step taken, to hear that someone is managing it well.
    I wish you the best of health and well-being- your positivity is such a relief to me.

  6. Lisa Pfab says :

    I just found your blog after loosing my friend of thirty years to this horrible disease. fight the good fight sir.

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