More Disappointment

More Disappointment

I had a CAT scan on Tuesday to determine if my tumor stopped bleeding. It seems to have stopped. [Yea!]
But, It was determined that that tumor has grown about another centimeter. [Boo!] (Crowded skull = More seizure risk = not good for motorcycle riding.*)

More Drugs

Duke wants me to get back on IV Avastin tomorrow (Friday). Remember that Doctors speculate that the Avastin caused the bleeding in the first place  but it’s also the best chance to shrink the tumor. It’s all a gamble.

Since there’s swelling going on in the brain, I’m going to start taking the steroid Dexamethazone (Dex) again. Because the tumor seems to be going strong, it’s finally pissing me off. Because of this, I’m already in a volatile mood. We know from past experience, that Dex makes me hyper and aggressive (or you could say, an ass – ask Tina). So they gave me some Ativan in case I switch from Jekyll to Hyde.

More Doctors

Next week I head to the NIH in Bethesda Maryland to see what they have to offer and suggest up there.

Wednesday, I had an appointment with someone new — a pranic** healer, Deborah Quibell. Later I will meet with her partner, one of the only ten Master Pranic Healers in the world, Hector Ramos (, because he is in Manilla now for a few weeks time.

**Pranic Healing approaches energetic health and wellness in a clear and systematic manner, understanding the comprehensive energetic anatomy of the body and aims to help the client maintain a state of balance and good health on all levels – physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

More Pain

Jan bikingNot physical pain. Mainly mental/emotional.

I’ve had a few angry moments lately. Luckily, Wednesday was a sunny day so I went out and put some miles in the saddle. (I couldn’t possibly have another seizure (right?). But I go slow(ish) and point away from pedestrians.   [and went on four long walks with Tina]. Neighbors and friends are vigilant in supporting and helping us.  [and we are both over the moon with joy that the Meal Train has started back up again!]

Note: Text indicated in BLUE above was snuck in by guest writer and caregive, my beautiful, patient wife whilst I lie sleeping.You could tell it was too cute for me to write, yet it’s all true.

Bedtime — More Infusions tomorrow

I’m going to hate getting in that infusion chair again. Looking around at a bunch of poor sick bastards. It’s kind of friendly and comforting actually. But i I thought I was in a bad mood yesterday, watch out for me on Friday.

Sorry I didn’t have any useful information to provide to others going though this too. If you haven’t seen Chad Mossman’s blog, he captures great info and data bout his journey. It’s a worthy read Aqt

Mommas don’t forbid your babies to ride motorcyleS. Just teach em to be smart , safe, fun, thoughtful


3 responses to “More Disappointment”

  1. Rob says :

    Ken, your posts are (strangely) a joy to read. I love your openness, and the way you are just “transparent.” It gives me pause to think how I act in certain situations. Continuing to pray for you and Tina. Hope you have exponentially more good than bad, more joy than angst, and more love than frustration.
    Glad you are a friend!

  2. Anonymous says :

    I think your friend Rob’s comment from above says it best. I second it!

    I want to know more about any alternative or holistic medicine you have tried or are thinking of trying. Godspeed.

    • Ken says :

      I’ll dedicate a section of a post to describe what I complimentary and holistic treatment I do, probably in my next post.

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