Ready for 2013

My blood results this morning were great. Everything is at normal levels. No blood found in urine either. Blood shot eyes are probably just conjunctivitis — simple viral infection I picked up from being out in public. So I won’t be out on the town, celebrating with the masses tonight. Just a cozy relaxing evening at home with Tina (eating a meal being delivered by one of our gracious supporters).

Someone drink a glass of champagne for me.

Happy New Year!
Ken and Tina


13 responses to “Ready for 2013”

  1. Sister says :

    Glad to hear it brother!!! Happy new year. Albert and I love you very much.

  2. Andrea says :

    Phew! I’ll definitely toast to that!

  3. Kitty Mosley says :

    Great news! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  4. Jim Curtin says :

    Hi Ken,

    This is great to hear! Hlee and I continue to be really impressed by your spirit, courage, and strength. We can say with certainty, you are the coolest dude we know. Happy New Year to you both!


  5. Jessica mullis says :

    Great to hear ken! I’ll drink a glass for you!

  6. Peggy O says :

    Happy New Year, Ken and Tina! I’m convinced that a night in with those you love is much better than going out.

  7. Mark Knockemus says :

    Great news, Kebo! A great start to 2013!

    My blood-shot eyes are the results of many glasses of champagne followed by a few cans of Bud.

    When you have a chance, be sure to buy a new Mayan calendar — they are cheap!

    – Mark

  8. Kerri says :

    Hello there…finally getting to things that have been shelved while the move, renovation, thanksgiving and Christmas took over our lives! Just been reading your blog to get to know you and your situation. Boy it sure takes me back! 16 years has flown by! Since it was my husband who had this I totally related to the caregiver comment you made, so true!!! Anyway, I want to have Mark read this and comment too.
    Praying for a Happy New Year for you!


  9. Linzy says :

    So freakin HAPPY for you Ken!! Thank you so much for letting us know! Happy 2013 and Year of the Snake!

  10. Whitney says :

    Great news Ken! Happy New Year to you and Tina.

  11. Anonymous says :

    Great news to hear that! Keep fighting the good fight!

  12. Mike Haag says :

    Happy New Year! you can celebrate with the masses in 2014!

  13. Laurie Christie says :

    So glad to hear that the blood work is good. Keep a positive outlook and I’m sending lots of prayers your way!

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