Fluffy Face

Steroids swelling my face.

Steroids swelling my face.

It has been about three weeks since I took my first dose of Lomustine (CeeNU). Today’s blood tests reveal that my platelets have dropped (from 139) to 48.

I will re-test in two days. If my platelet production doesn’t pick up and numbers drop too low, I will get a transfusion.

I am decreasing my steroid (Dexamethasone) dose today. I’ve been experiencing many unpleasant side effects from it. My face is swollen (which isn’t unpleasant, just an explanation of the title of this post. My doctor called me Fluffy Face.

Increased appetite is actually a good side-effect. I’ve gained some needed weight. Now I just need to get back to exercise and yoga to recover my atrophied muscles.


In the previous post, I recommended watching the film, Forks Over Knives and declared I was cutting out meat again. I decided to look further into the validity of the claims in the film and now think that the film was biased and data distorted. Meat is not going to kill me. I’ll probably keep it to a minimum though. (Here is one source for my change of mind.) 


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10 responses to “Fluffy Face”

  1. Carol Weddington says :

    Hang in there, Ken! We love you.

  2. Mark Knockemus says :

    Funny photo! What’s the buzz on forks over knives? (My dad keeps trying to get me to watch it…)

    • Ken says :

      It presents compelling arguments and data that implicate animal product consumption as a great source of health problems, where vegan eating can dramatically improve health. I was sold. But I did some digging for verification and found a couple of sources that criticize the way the data is twisted to the agenda of the film. I don’t know what’s what, but I was giving meat up. I think I won’t rule it out but I will continue to only get my meat local, organic and as good as I can get.

      • Mark Knockemus says :

        We don’t eat much meat. Most of the meat we do eat we get from a CSA (community-supported-agriculture). It is local, grass fed, organic, everything good!

      • Ken says :

        I understand. Same here. But that’s the “buzz” about Forks Over Knives — that it doesn’t matter how good your meat is — it’s still meat. I suppose you can skip the film then. Maybe I’ll remove my recommendation to watch it. Thanks, Mark!

      • Mark Knockemus says :

        Naw, man. Don’t start being all PC on us, Kebo! 🙂

      • Ken says :

        Not to be PC, but so I am not responsible for spreading misinformation.

  3. LInzy says :

    I agree. Yes, local, organic, grass fed, basically anti factory farm and not eating too much is ok in my book!! Thanks for the up date.

  4. Stephen Elting says :

    Good food, good meat, gettin’ cold, let’s eat! Hey Mark. Hey Kebo, Hang in there buddy. Sniff some Frankincense. My wife Divya is leading a weekend yoga retreat here in Pensacola in April. Her guru from Rishikesh, India will be here . We’d love to have you and tina join if you are up to it.

  5. Dennis says :

    Still keeping that handsomeness going on man! Your continued great Spirit is an inspiration Ken. You da Man!

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