“Avoid Knives and Mosh Pits”

“Avoid knives and mosh pits,” was the advice of my oncologist’s nurse practitioner last week when she informed me  that my blood platelet count was dropping very low. Platelets prevent bleeding.

Saturday night I did have a lot of nose bleeds. I was tested again on Sunday and the platelets had dropped further. After today’s re-check I was taken immediately for a transfusion.

Decreased platelet count is an expected effect of chemo, so this is no big surprise. It is my first experience with it though.

The transfusion of donated platelets should last about three days at which point I will be tested again. Hopefully my bone marrow will start generating platelets again so that I don’t need another transfusion. Luckily, the transfusion is quick and relatively painless.

Other symptoms

I’m having some minor vision issues. I noticed while helping Tina list items to sell on eBay (mostly women’s clothes).

I don’t have significant pressure or headaches but occasionally have some curious sensations in my head.

I don’t fixate on symptoms or the tumor because I believe that “where thoughts go energy flows.” I don’t want to empower anything negative.

My muscles are weak which can also be attributed to chemo and steroids. Also, I have gotten away from a regular yoga practice. We walk quite a bit every day. Spring is almost here. By then, I expect to get back to some physical training, including yoga.

Next MRI

My next MRI is in two weeks. Then, we’ll go consult with Duke again.

Other options

Although Duke said we were running out of options, that is not entirely true. The NIH contacted us to report that I do qualify for  their super aggressive immunotherapy study.

While an aggressive, progressive or risky treatment might seem a reasonable plan of action for where I’m at now, I’m inclined to choose a natruopathic approach. That is, nourish my body, mind and energy so that it is in an optimal state to fight the tumor itself. This probably sounds ridiculous to some people and it may very well be, but their are no clear choices. This is tough.


6 responses to ““Avoid Knives and Mosh Pits””

  1. Cindi Gatton says :

    Ken, would you want any of us to donate platelets in your name? A long time ago that helped to defray transfusion costs, although I don’t know if that’s still true. It’s also can just be a good thing to. Donated platetets don’t last as long as red blood cells so the Red Cross needs them replaced more frequently.


  2. Andie says :

    Keep up the positive thoughts, Ken. You’re an inspiration!

  3. LInzy says :

    I agree with what Andi says above and I would like to know more about donating as well.

  4. Kat says :

    I will donate too if its something that will help.

  5. Pat Beck says :

    Tina and Ken – You are both such amazing people. Your positive attitudes and hope for the future is a lesson for everyone, old and young, who think they have an unsurmountable problem. Tina, I think about you often. I have not been working since October, but that’s not why I’m writing. You both are examples of such strength, passion, humor, wisdom and talent. My husband (of 42 years) and I send you so much heart-felt love and hope.

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