In a recent previous post I reported that doctors told us I may have weeks to live. So I’m reporting now that I’m still alive and kicking. I feel well. We believe the ketogenic diet is going well and helping. Headaches have diminished and I have decreased my Dexamethasone, steroid dosage by half. I have good energy. I am falling less. Walking about has gotten better.

Blood glucose and ketone levels seem to be in ranges where we would like them to be. In fact, I believe that my body is going through ketosis which hopefully will shrink my brain tumor.

We finally got a visit from a physical therapist to explain how to use some of the equipment, i.e., walker and cane, and she also gave me exercises.

Phoenix Tears

I finally got a batch of Phoenix Tears, the oil from the hemp plant. There is much evidence that cannabis has great medicinal and healing value.

I still have a bit of the chemo Lomustine in me which isn’t enough to count as a treatment. So, my current treatment is the ketogenic diet and now hemp oil. If we actually get tumor reduction, we won’t know what treatment to credit, but I guess that will be okay.


19 responses to “Ketosis”

  1. Nathan says :

    Good deal! Glad to hear!

  2. Kitty Mosley says :

    What wonderful news, Ken!!! I knew there was a reason for me to be near my computer tonight!! I am berating easier and will sleep well tonight!!!

  3. Anonymous says :

    Courage and thanks for all the info you give

  4. Anonymous says :

    How do you use hemp oil ? In your food or just one or two spoons ? How long
    have you been taking it ?

  5. Carol Weddington says :

    Wonderful news, Ken & Tina!

  6. Amy Clackum says :

    Keep kicking!

  7. Maija Graser says :

    Dear Tina and Kenn, i am so happy to hear good news. all the best for both of you Maija

  8. Anonymous says :

    Is that your ramp?? It’s super cool Ken– I’m very happy to hear there is progress! Let me know how I can help!:)

  9. M. says :

    Ken I will keep my fingers and even my toes crossed for you. I so much want you to kick this tumors a**! I hate GBM so much. My heart is with you both. M.

  10. Dennis says :

    You ‘da MAN Ken! You’re strength and fight is inspirational Sir. Many and continueous Blessings to You & Tina!

  11. Mark Knockemus says :

    Hemp OIL?! Shucks, Kebo! I can remember the good old days…but then again, I can’t really remember if they were good or not…

    It’s great to hear that you’re doing well and being proactive in fighting — our prayers continue for you both!

    – Mark

  12. kelly says :

    I came across your blog about a year ago when my best friend was struggling with glioblastoma. Thank you for your writing. I wish you health and peace.

  13. Robyn cross says :

    You are inspiring and giving hope to many.
    Prayers are with you
    Keep up the good fight and documenting everything all food drink medicines exercise etc etc
    If your able could you give more info on this diet please

    I love hearing good news

    Love from.
    Robyn cross. Perth Western Australia
    Fellow GBM (26 th march 2011)

  14. Scott Ingram says :

    Great news. Rock on!

  15. Paul says :

    Thinking of you and holding you in the light. Keep kicking!

  16. Jon says :

    I think if doctors didn’t give “expiry dates” then we’d see people with GBM living longer. Most people hear they supposedly have only so many months or weeks left, and if not consciously, they subconsciously give up. Your will to never give up is inspiring to those with GBM and those of us supporting them.

  17. Anonymous says :

    Ken you’re doing great! You look really good and it sounds like the diet is doing good things. I’m all about the hemp oil. Stay positive and strong. I’m staying there with you.

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