We went to the Dr. this week and were told that the paperwork has been submitted for compassionate use of the CDX-110 drug. Once it has been approved by the legal department at Northside Hospital it will then be sent to Celldex, the makers of the drug, for approval. Then the clinical trial coordinator at Atlanta Cancer Care will draft a unique protocol specifically for me to be sent to the FDA for final approval. All of this could take 6 more weeks to get approved before I get the medicine.

My labs are good and my platelets have fully recovered.  2013-05-14 17.32.50

We have been on the ketogenic diet for one month and it is still going well. I learned from my dietician yesterday that I’ve been in ketosis for 3 weeks time! I will now take the following supplements to increase my energy level: Vitamin D, Calcium and a Multivitamin.

My physical therapist paid me another visit this week and I’m learning more exercises to increase my strength, gait, mobility and transfers.

2013-05-16 12.25.32






Got my handicapped parking tag today too!





5 responses to “Compassion”

  1. Kitty Mosley says :

    You have many things in place with a lot of work to do to catch up to your fighting spirit. Who knows how far ahead you’ll be when they get there to help! I pray constantly for you and all your family. xxxooo

  2. Anonymous says :

    Keep up the hard work. Sounds like your positive attitude is helping. Tons of people you know and don’t know are continuing to pray for you. Luv-e-bug

  3. Anonymous says :

    Hello Ken, my brother (52 yrs old) who was diagnosed on April 21st with GMB. They could not operate because of the location. He started Temodar and radiation 11 days ago. Waiting for a positive test for the vaccine. He went to the ER after three days of hiccups and whole world has changed in just one month. He can’t walk without assistant and has lost use of his right side. I sat and read your total blog and archives in one sitting. Thank you for letting us know what to expect and you have given us a greater understanding and appreciation for life in general. And to your wife Tina, you guys are true angels. I know your family and friends are blessed just to know you and have you two as a part of their lives. So as we celebrate LIFE with you, be encourged as you have encouraged/helped so many others. Again thank you.

  4. Doug Smith says :

    Hello my friend, praying for you and thinking about you and Tina.

  5. Carol Weddington says :

    Pretty “tortie” kitty in the window pic. She looks like our “Little Missy.” Sounds like the ketogenic diet is working to better your health. Great! (Though I now understand it’s complex.) Multivitamin therapy is good, but choose wisely. offers a “whole foods” supplement containing natural folate, not the artificial folic acid crap found in most OTC vitamins and added to processed foods. Huge difference between the two. Natural folate is available as a capsule. Also consider adding natural B12. No iron or copper. (Excuse the lecture. Rusty would be rolling his eyes at me about now.) 😉

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