Getting Warmed Up

Turn of the Season

This is very important to me. We finally got a warm sunny day and it lifted my spirits. Tina and I went for our daily two-mile walk through Deepdene Park without me complaining about the cold. Winter still hasn’t gone into hibernation yet, but I feel Spring is going to kick him out of here very soon.


Latest Blood Results

My body seems to be generating platelets now. My numbers were high enough yesterday so that I did not require another transfusion. Other blood numbers hover kind of low from the chemo, but nothing to worry about.

Platelet Donation

Several people asked about donating platelets on my behalf. I asked about this and apparently it’s an antiquated idea. Certainly if you have healthy blood to donate, someone, someday could benefit from your donating so I encourage that. But as far as doing it for me, it’s not practical. As you are donating blood if you want it to be meaningful to you that it’s for me you’d have to handle it like Dallas (Matt Dillon) in the movie, The Outsiders: “Let’s do it for Kebo!”

Can’t Forget Fun

I received a donation this week from someone I don’t know with the “stipulation” that I had to spend it on something fun. What a great gesture. Thank you. Having fun needs to be part of my recovery and treatment plan. I’m certain I can figure something out!

Dinner-LawrenceDiscipline and Breaking the “Rules”

We had a gift certificate to use for a nice dinner out and used it last night. It came with a cocktail or glass of wine. Although I think it’s in my best interest to avoid drinking alcohol, I went ahead and had a glass of pinot noir with the justification that resveratrol is an antioxidant and even recommended for cancer by some sources. Tina ordered the salmon so I got the duck breast (I’m one of those that can’t order the same dish even though it was a healthier choice). And for dessert, chocolate truffle cake with vanilla ice cream. Normally I would never have all that sugar. It’s pretty easy to think, one meal of decadence isn’t going to kill me and I did enjoy it thoroughly. It felt like we were on a normal date like years ago. But going forward, I think I have to be more diligent about my self-imposed restrictions.

For the last week or so I have been been working on building a custom protocol for myself regarding nutrition. Rather than follow existing protocols like Budwig (flax and cottage cheese) or Gerson (juicing), it will incorporate concepts from these programs as well as some things I feel are right for me to contribute to Natural Healing. I’m excited to share my ideas, probably after my next MRI.


3 responses to “Getting Warmed Up”

  1. Bill Sullivan says :


    Love the fun, meal sounds like it was fantastic, and can’t wait to hear your ideas as you build your nutrition plan.

  2. Kat says :

    I’m so happy to hear about your platelets. You’re doing something good for that to happen.
    Your dinner out sounds wonderful. I’m so glad you and Tina got to have a “normal” date. I hope you continue to do that. While love and support is so important to healing, I think so is normalcy and finding the old you once in a while. Don’t forget who you are, or who you and Tina are together.
    Your blog has made a tremendous difference in my life with Cindy and in my approach to helping her. I (we, as a team) can always do better.
    Love and blessings to you both.


    • Kitty Mosley says :

      This post was like having a nice visit to catch up with the fun stuff happening for you and Tina. Look forward to hearing the latest. I always learn so much! Much love.

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