Good Blood

Good news — my blood platelet count was greatly improved yesterday. I hope this means I’m out of the woods as far as needing transfusions.

Kebostock Photo Slideshow

We had a fund raising event in September 2012 which was a music fest type of thing. We called it Kebostock — a play on Woodstock and a nickname many know me by — Kebo. A good friend from college put together this photo slideshow of the occasion:

Eye ExmSeeing Clearly

My vision has always been great. I’ve never needed glasses. But over the past several months, I’ve had difficulty reading small text. So I picked up a cheap pair of drug-store reading glasses that seemed to fix the issue. In the last couple weeks though, my eyes have felt strain and caused headaches. This has been troubling because the tumor could be interfering with optic nerves.

Tina took me to an Optometrist for a proper exam. Everything seemed to look pretty good. The conclusion is that I’m just getting old and this is typical for a man in his forty’s. I really hope so — I know of people whose tumors do affect vision to the point of blindness.

Hope, Love and Friends

I want to encourage the many other  GBM patients and caregivers out there to stay strong. I’m sending out healing thoughts on your behalf.

Cindy, Kat and Joy — Tina and I send love your way. These are difficult times, but with the love, support and prayers of friends, we can carry on, heal and experience joy.

Thank you to all our friends who help us daily — you make this process much easier to deal with. We love you all.


6 responses to “Good Blood”

  1. Kitty Mosley says :

    Beautiful day, beautiful vibes going on! Love, Kitty

  2. Kat says :

    Ken, great post! We are all very happy that you won’t need a blood transfusion. We wish you and Tina wonderful days always. Things with Cibdy are the same. This is her last week of radiation before her 6 week break and they get another MRI. I don’t know much more than that today. She had a good weekend with some friends which was desperately needed on her part. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for her and our family. You guys are never far from our thoughts as well.

    Joy & Kat

  3. Brett Steele says :

    That’s great news, Kebo. Sending positive vibes and energy your way. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

  4. Mark Knockemus says :

    Great news, Kebo! Keep it going!

    By the way, I’ve been wearing bifocals for years now. 🙂

  5. Rob says :

    I agree that most likely the need for specs is age! Seen it myself. Thanks for the post update — and the slide show for KeboStock. Wish I had been able to make it.

  6. Dennis says :

    Great News Ken! Enjoy the beautiful stretch of great Atlanta Pre-Spring!!!

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