Good News, Yet Conflicted

KenTinaDeepDeneDuke called to inform me that my MRI reveals that the tumor is stable. It appears to have not grown. This was expected to be the best outcome possible. Of course, tumor reduction would have been better news but that was never expected for this particular chemo, Lomustine, for me.

This is very good news! Despite my diligent adherence to avoiding sugar and alcohol, we decided it was an occassion to celebrate and raise a glass of wine.

The recommendation is to continue taking this chemo, which really just means taking a second dose for now. One dose lasts six weeks. Side effects have been fairly minimal and tolerable, including:

  • fatigue — I’ve been zapped of energy, but this could be attributable to the steroids I take (to control brain swelling);
  • low blood counts — I’ll have to continue getting frequent blood tests. I had to have a platelet transfusion during my first dose. This is not a big deal though.

So what is there to be conflicted about?

I spent the last month doing intensive research and planning for a natural healing plan (my Plan B). If the MRI revealed that I should not continue this chemo, there really isn’t another one waiting for me to try. I have pieced together an intensive treatment regimen including, diet, nutrition, juicing, supplements, meditation, yoga, kinesiology, accupuncture, ayurvedic healing, pranic healing, and a variety of other holistic treatments.

The idea behind my plan is that the human body is capable of amazing self-repair. Nurture the body, mind and spirit to optimal condition, and the body can effectively fight disease and cancer, actually destroying tumors. This sounds too good to be true. Otherwise, everyone would be healthy, right? Reading about alternative and natural healing, it’s not difficult to be convinced that many industries in our society rely on Americans to continue eating poorly, watch lots of  TV, drink soda and beer, and get fat and sick. There is lots of money to be made from the unhealthy.

I was ready to forego chemo for my custom-tailored plan because I believe: toxic chemotherapy often kills patients. I believe I’ve got the right plan as well as the tenacity, determination, passion, faith and luck to be one of the ones who survive following a natural healing plan. Tina, however, knows that I finally found something that is working for me, so carry on is the only sensible course of action.

I suppose that I have to accept that the chemo is probably responsible for stopping my tumor growth. I agree it makes sense to stick with it.

I will likely pursue my plan anyway while on the chemo although my medical doctors will likely discourage me from some pieces of it namely certain supplements, concerned that they may affect the efficacy of the chemo.

All the pictures in this post are taken on our daily walks in the woods.

All the pictures in this post were taken on our daily walks in the woods.


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21 responses to “Good News, Yet Conflicted”

  1. Mark Knockemus says :

    Thanks for sharing this joy, Kebo!

  2. sharon says :

    There are no words to express how happy I am to hear this news. I love you both very much.

  3. Lisa says :

    I’m so happy to hear that you are holding steady! I’m keeping you in my thoughts.

  4. Rob says :

    I like your approach of trying everything. And…the peace of being in balance with mind, body and spirit will ensure you and Tina are having great times together. Cool photos!

  5. Carol says :

    Great News, Kebo! I’m so glad to hear this. I’m with Tina… if it’s working I’d carry on too. There’s no reason for you not to continue a healthy lifestyle…in fact the combination may be even more effective. Love and hugs to you both!

  6. Liisa and Ken Ennor says :

    Great news, Ken. Keep up the good work.

    Love, Liisa and Ken

  7. Rieferman says :

    Smiling huge.

  8. Anonymous says :

    My husband began his ‘journey’ August 16, 2011 – almost the same timeline as you. His was not actually diagnosed as glioblastoma until the end of January 2013. On the third chemo now – Avastin – due to recurrent growth. I will follow with interest your dietary efforts. I’m in the same mindset right now. Prayers and all the best to you and your wife. Nedra

  9. Jennifer Medina-McCormick says :

    Thanks for sharing, this is great news! Every time I think of you I pray, you’ve been in a dream before which prompted a middle-of-the-night prayer for you, as well. Maybe sometime I can tell you about it. Tell Tina to relax, it wasn’t a super-freak dream. Ha ha ; ) For all the research you’ve done, you’ve probably heard of this book/eating plan – “Patient Heal Thyself” and “The Maker’s Diet” it’s a biblical-based diet. The author’s name is Jordin Ruben. Please look into it.

  10. Kitty Mosley says :

    Best news ever! Love your plans and your spunk! Keep ’em rollin’!

  11. cos and alice says :

    Ken and Tina we are so happy for you! This is great news! We are keeping you in our prayers!

  12. Ragan Ragan says :

    I am so happy for you! I have faith that one day you will get the even better news that the tumor has shown great reduction……then gone! God CAN heal you! I am glad you have decided to continue with the chemo as well as your holistic approach. I believe it is ALL extremely vital to your healing! I have so much respect for your awesome attitude and strength! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Please, let me know if I can do anything at all for you! I am looking forward to seeing you and your wife at our upcoming class reunion! 🙂

  13. Anonymous says :

    Great Ken!!! Amelia

  14. Carol Weddington says :

    Wonderful news, Ken. You and Tina look so happy!

  15. LInzy says :

    Super duper Awesome Ken! I really enjoyed reading your holisitic plan and efforts. A+

  16. Anonymous says :

    God Bless U Ken!

  17. Rex Peters says :

    Hugely profound statement, just reposting for those who missed it and stealing it to post on my wall!
    “Reading about alternative and natural healing, it’s not difficult to be convinced that many industries in our society rely on Americans to continue eating poorly, watch lots of TV, drink soda and beer, and get fat and sick. There is lots of money to be made from the unhealthy.”

  18. Mike Haag says :

    Keep up the fight!

  19. Anonymous says :

    Great news indeed Ken…continued blessings and healing:)
    Tina J

  20. Anonymous says :

    So happy for you! You and Tina are in my thoughts.

    -Ted Fab

  21. Laurie Christie says :

    Ken, you and your wife are in my daily prayers. So many people are pulling for you and it’s good news that things are stable. Lots of positive thoughts are coming your way!

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