An Affair to Remember

I don’t even know how or where to start about Ken’s celebration. What I can say is it was everything that I think that Ken would have wanted. We had a beautiful evening, the weather cooperated, we didn’t create any fire hazards and nobody was hurt.

We started the event with Ken’s closest friends & family carrying Ken’s ashes into the main room with background heavy metal music playing of course (“See you in Hell my Friend” by Grim Reaper). Next people shared stories about their experiences with Ken, what they thought of him & how much they will miss and love him. There was a consistent theme of Ken being his own man not caring what others thought & being a unique individual with everyone being a better person for having known him.



After the ceremony everyone gathered in front of our house for a neighborhood block party. I was stunned, well not really, at how everything came together. Tables were out, neighbors and family were putting on tablecloths and food and guests were bringing food and drinks. Lane & Matt’s red beans & rice dish was a hit along with John’s chicken fajita mix, Lynne’s fried croppy & Roger’s guacamole. As soon as it was dark, we lit Chinese paper lanterns in Ken’s honor that rose up to the sky even with the wind evading the trees to soar to the glory that was Ken.







Guests stayed up until 5:00 a.m. celebrating Kebo continuing the experience of sharing stories and love.

All my love to everyone who participated in the event, what a beautiful time it was. Ken would certainly have been proud.

**sorry it took so long to send this out. I was waiting on more photos and some video from my cousin in Laos which I will add to next post.


9 responses to “An Affair to Remember”

  1. Laura Biggio says :

    Sounds like a fabulous celebration of Kebo’s life. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Marc says :

    Just lost my mom tonight to the nasty GBM. She died without pain, but the cancer had already taken everything she ever was or was going to be. I followed this blog since her DX in December 2012. She only lived seven months. It was torture to watch her decline. I wanted you to know that this blog made my role as a caretaker easier. Mom lived with me for about three months before her health declined to a point where we had no choice but to place in her assisted living, and later hospice. I am not sure how you are going to transition Ken’s website now that he too, has passed. I hope that you will keep this site open for comments and updates for others. I am so sorry about Ken’s passing. I never knew him. I have never met either one of you. However, I felt pain and sadness when I received your post of his quick decline.

    • Tina says :

      I am so very sorry that your Mom passed from this awful cancer. I am happy to hear that the blog gave you some comfort and helped. I am definitely going to keep this site going. I wish you peace as I am trying to find Marc.

    • Tina says :

      Dear Marc, I’m so sorry that you lost your Mom also to this terrible cancer. I am glad that Ken’s blog helped you. I will be maintaining the blog and adding more from the caregiver’s perspective, maybe even writing a book. It’s so hard to write about the extreme sadness I’m feeling but I’m hoping to continue soon. Thanks for following.

  3. Ancy says :

    Great Tina..nice to hear…

  4. Carol Sealey says :

    What a wonderful memory you have created x so pleased your special celebration went perfectly x

  5. Anonymous says :

    Dear Tina – I worked with Ken at MAX Advertising, which was one of the first jobs I had. He was an amazing co-worker and taught me so much about the advertising world. He was an awesome teacher and was so kind. I thought everyone in the working world would be as generous, kind-hearted, honest, and open-minded as Ken (I was sadly mistaken). I have been following this blog religiously. Ken was one of the best people I’ve ever met.

    I moved to Colorado, otherwise I would have been there to celebrate Ken’s life. He was a wonderful person and spoke of you all of the time. I almost felt as if I knew you 🙂 I think of you all the time – I wish you peace and love Tina. You are an amazing person and deserve the best in life.


    • Tina says :

      Dear Cara, You are not the first person to comment on how giving Ken was at work. In fact I think everyone who worked with Ken had similar things to say about their experiences with him. I’m sorry you weren’t at the party Cara. Ken talked a lot about you too. Thank you so much for your kind words & thoughts.

  6. Jon says :

    That is very touching. Thank you for updating, it sounds like everything Ken would have wanted and it sounds like everyone present had an enjoyable experience.

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