The food snob

It’s pretty well known by those who are close to me that I’m (shall we say) particular about food. Ask any of my former co-workers — they’ll corroborate these work stories.

While the others ate left-over spaghetti, to-go or frozen food at the lunch table, I was prepping fresh gremolata to sprinkle on the leftover lamb shanks or Oyakodon that I spent hours preparing the night before.

Whenever an impromptu group lunch outing was being planned, inevitably, someone (usually Nathan) would say, “Ask Ken where he wants to go — he’s the picky one.” It was understood that he meant, “…he’s the pretentious food nerd.” But it was really a playful label of endearment. I think because I didn’t have children to occupy my time (or talk about at lunch), I compensated with culinary adventures.

These stories are sensationalized a bit. Certainly I ate plenty of junk and fast food back then too. Nor was I the only one who ate well from time to time. I seriously doubt I was really pretentious about food (or music). That was just one of my fun personas in the office. We all exploited and enjoyed each other’s idiosyncrasies. Now that I am not employed, I look back with fond memories of an irreverent bunch of co-workers that became as familiar as… family.

Anyway, back on track with a story of my continued food snobbery.

I was disappointed that the free snacks provided at today’s brain tumor support group meeting were unhealthy, junk foods as usual. No one but me cared. I planned ahead though and brought my own fresh fruit on which to nibble.

Pictured on this post is my first attempt at making a healthy sweet treat — raw brownies. Pecans, dates, raw cacao powder and a touch of agave nectar — that’s it. No cooking involved. They’re yummy.

So instead of gastronomic flamboyance, my food-snobbery now is more about advocating healthier eating.

By popular request, here’s a link to the recipe from the Rawtarian website:


5 responses to “The food snob”

  1. Carolyn "Carol" Weddington says :

    Interesting that the two pecan halves together resemble a brain. I’ve read that pecans are considered “brain food.” Your brownies look sinfully delicious, a “smart” healthy treat.

  2. Cara says :

    I will never forget your amazing culinary inventions! Love and Miss you Ken!

  3. Linzy says :

    interesting that the support group attendees do not link brain health and over all health with good nutrition.

    • Ken says :

      It seems to me like a majority of the population aren’t too concerned with good nutrition being important to over all health. Quick, cheap, convenient and tasty take priority.

  4. Jlulie says :

    I also miss eating lunch with everyone at Max. It was always fun conversation and we could not wait to see what Ken was bringing to lunch everyday. Fun times!

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